Why Use GPS Tracking Device for Locating Assets

Global Positioning System or GPS tracking device is specifically designed to track and determine precise location of assets. It is usually carried by moving person or vehicle which makes use of this unit within intervals. The recorded data for the location is stored in tracking units or can be transmitted to the central database. In addition, an internet-connected computer may also be used in tracking assets and storing information. Our newest customers Birmingham Tree Surgeons are the first local tree surgery company to start taking on GPS tracking to ensure their workforce are working the contracted hours.

Through radio, cellular phone’s SMS or GPRS, and satellite modem implanted in the device, it is easier to locate people, things and other assets. This in fact enables the location of the asset to be seen on the map backdrop in real-time scene or when evaluating the track afterward. With the use of GPS tracking program or software, data tracking has been made more convenient while taking advantage of smart phone devices capable of GPS tracking.

Asset Location and Transmission of Data

When it comes to the architecture of GPS tracking units, it basically contains the module that helps in receiving GPS signal while calculating the coordinates. Data loggers in fact have larger memory in order to effectively store all the coordinates including data pushers important in transmitting the data. With GPRS or GSM modem, it’s easier to transmit data from one location to another. The diagram shows the hardware architecture representing a complex GPS tracker.

To understand more about GPS tracking devices, here are the types you need to know:

  • Data loggers – GPS loggers basically log the device’s position within regular intervals through internal memory. The modern GPS logger contains memory card or internal flash memory card slot as well as USB port. This enables track log information downloading much easier for further evaluation using a computer. To get more accurate location, digital cameras are used to capture photos such as geotagged images.
  • Data pushers – this is a common type when it comes to GPS tracking units. This is mainly used in asset tracking, vehicle tracking, and in personal tracking system. People also called this GPS beacon because it kind of sends data to certain location and get accurate information about the asset. The mobile phone and GPS navigation unit are located within same box powered by batteries. Within regular intervals, the mobile device will push data or send text message through GPRS or SMS which contains the information obtained from the receiver.
  • Personal tracking – there are lots of ways to personal tracking. It actually helps in law enforcement, race control, surveillance or espionage, tracking device for children, tracking elderly, and many more.
  • Asset tracking – this can be used in solar powered units and in animal control. It comes in many shapes to ensure that assets are tracked down easily whenever needed.

Apart from that, GPS device is also popular in aircraft tracking as well as in GPS transponders. However, there are regulations when using such device to track down locations and people. Be aware of the state laws before buying a GPS tracking device to avoid conflicts in the future.

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