Birmingham Traffic and Travel In Summer Holiday

The travel rush in Birmingham becomes the main news today. It happens due to the peak of summer holiday which causes lots of traffics in some spots of the roads. The school break makes the south-west resorts being the busiest road. It is better to travel by public transportation in order to avoid the traffic. The railway seems to be a good alternative to get the destination faster than usual. Avoiding the lunchtime helps you to be more relax in the train. From the hills to the city, all of the travel is in rush. Avoiding the rush hours and weekend will help you to get more normal road condition where you can drive freely without any disturbance.

The best travel option during summer holiday is walking and cycling. Never consider to use taxis to Birmingham airport or you will get stuck. Although they look sweat, it is useful to avoid you on smelling others sweat in public transportation. Some alternatives could be your choice. Check Birmingham Walks to get valid information about walking route. The most popular trail is circular walk. If you want to see the Beacon View which becomes the highest point on Lickey Hills, you need to keep on the path with rail fencing and the posts. Lickey Warren is also one of the popular spot during Summer holiday. To get there, after the 10 posts, take the right-hand fork and reach the track. In addition, there are 2 km and 5 km jogging and walking track in Birmingham. You will get help after seeing the green footprints and wooden signposts. This alternative to avoid the traffic helps you to stay healthy in summer. Spending the summer holiday in the park could be a good idea to find more fresh air. Summer is not always about going to the beach.

To travel to some places using a bicycle, you should notice the points to stand the bike. The bike locker is available to help it safe. It contains the safe storage including the weather protection to save it from the direct sunlight during summer. Even if you do not have a bike, you could hire it in some spots in Birmingham. In addition, there is a superbike storage in Rowley Regis which gives your bike the super protection. It is free with no deposits. The problem is you can’t get a bike if you just touch this city. In that way you should think about get a taxi from Birmingham airport.

You can note some spots such Motorway network, West Midland Metro Westside Extension, and Paradise and Centenary Square redevelopment which always have high traffic congestion. To get more information about travel and traffic in Birmingham, just stay tune here.


The Beauty of Birmingham


Birmingham (UK) is one of the largest city in the UK. It has beautiful Georgian buildings with its historical touch. The buildings were built in the last century applying Brutalism architecture. Birmingham also has the oldest buildings in UK. You could see the old church here named St Martin’s Church. It has a huge spaceship-shaped that covered in 15,000 aluminium discs. Inside the church, you will see the Cube. There is also a red Mailbox building and library.

The beauty side of Birmingham (UK) is also in its Custard Factory because it is one of the city’s creative quarter. In addition, there is a special event which we call Birmingham Zombies walk where you could see the smart folk in this city including writers, inventors, scientists, and engineers attending and joining the event. It has been there since 2009 and attracts more than two thousand cosplay charity fundraisers. The cosplay is about the blood- covered. In September, you could see the celebrities take their part there. It will be better for you to enjoy it with some snacks and beverages. Birmingham (UK) has some bars with chocolate. This city is one of the British sweet tooth homes. The city has a Willy Wonka style factory. You can see it in Cadbury World.

For animal lovers, it is time to see the bull. Bullring markets are here, in Birmingham (UK). There is Bull Street and bull crap. Do not worry about the Bull protection because it is restricted to the political chambers. In Bull Street, you will see Bully as the mascot that likes to wear the attire on special occasions. For the movie lovers, this is a place of filmmakers. Remember that Peaky Blinders took a place here also the new movie Locke. You will be never regret yourself to have a wonderful holiday in this city. A lot of beauty sides are ready to explore. Even if you want to get some fresh air, many spots are available to you.

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